3 tips to keep your teams motivated

Encourage your employees to plan their days and deliverables

Whether at home or the office, days go by, but are not the same. Numerous unexpected events, emails, projects or actions to take flood and clog our mind and our work schedule. To avoid oversights, encourage your teams to end their day by making a to-do list for the next day. This will allow them to free their minds and avoid the overload of information related to work. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean time and task management should be put aside.

Google Task, a work tool available for free in the G Suite environment, is accessible without even leaving your Gmail inbox. It is possible to associate an email to which you must reply. You can select a reminder time, activate the recurrence of this task, and even add subtasks. Tasks added from Gmail will also be displayed in your Google Calendar. Once the task has been completed, all you have to do is click on the “Mark as completed” option to remove it from the agenda. Your employees can now sleep with peace of mind.

Use meeting slots to open up availability to your teams

Unfortunately, the human aspect of today’s environment is sometimes left behind. Sometimes all it takes is a misperception of an announcement, an email sent by the company, or a state of anxiety related to the new employee lifestyle to create a loss of motivation and stress related to the job. By working all alone from home or experiencing low presence at the office, it becomes difficult to perceive whether such a state of mind is felt among your employees. The fact that we no longer see each other every day, of perceiving anxiety in the cafeteria, means that many opportunities are missed to set the record straight and reassure employees.

The ”appointment slots” option of Google calendar allows you to offer a time slot indicating your availability to meet with employees during this period. Let them know that you have time to devote to them and despite the distance, they still have an ear to listen and answer their questions. For example, human resources managers can invite employees to book time during office hours each week.

Facilitate self-training with G Suite’s question marks feature

Remote employee training has been a subject that has come under the spotlight in response to the health crisis. Lack of access to information and face-to-face supervision have become a major challenge. Many companies have been forced to adopt a distance education model, but with almost no preparation or delay. How can we train remotely without having to create documentation or spend hours in video conference mobilizing another resource?

A tool is available to new G Suite users in order to give them a lot of autonomy. Whether they are user guides, cheat sheets or advice for optimizing the application, multiple visual support are available and free of charge via the application. Although this function is generic and does not cover business processes, the user will be able to have access to support and help material for each G suite application (Ex: Gmail – Drive – Calendar). Simply click on the question mark (top of the screen on the right) and choose Training in order to be able to benefit from the suggested tips.

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