The question is always asked but rarely, users realize the true implication of the answer.

The Cloud is as safe as you can make it.

The users themselves are the main security risk.
Lack of knowledge on the best practice, tendency to trust employees, colleagues or even strangers, bad habits or simply habits are all things that make the web, and by this, the cloud, less secure.

Let’s review some numbers :

– 95% of all cyber-security incident involved human errorsIBM

– Up to 45% of users will fall to the most sophisticated phishing attempts – Google

– 70% of passwords are used on multiple sitesCambridge

And the list goes on…

As you can see below, IT experts and nonexperts have huge differences in what they see as “secure”:


We all have bad habits and major misconceptions about security.

Passwords myths

And we are facing professionals that make a living out of exploiting every loophole with very sophisticated tools.

Phishing - Horizontal 1sur2

Phishing - Horizontal 2sur2

Sure, we could all store what is important in unreachable vaults.
But could information be both accessible AND secure ?

In subsequent posts, we will show you many tips and tricks to become better in this complex environment.
But first, let’s all be aware of our weaknesses.

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