Have you heard of Google Now ?
You may have seen some of its notifications pop-up sometimes without even realizing it.

This handy personal assistant can be configure to keep you updated on everything happening around you.

Google Now

Among other things, it will be able to :
– Give you the weather at your current location.
– Tell you when to leave for a meeting if you do not want to be late, suggesting an itinerary that takes into account trafic or even roadblocks.
– Warn you if there is a delay on your usual way to work.
– Keep track of your shipments, reservations and hotel bookings
– Notify you if your flight is on-time… or late.
– Show you the scores and statistics of your favorite sport team.


And the best thing about all of that, is that you won’t have to lift a finger once it’s configured.

All the information will be collected automatically and presented at the right time.

This Google service is now built in the latest Android OS or, for older versions, can be downloaded from the Play Store / App Store.


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