Here is a few of the major announcement from Google I/O 2016 that took place in May…


Google Assistant : Smart voice-activated AI assistant available accross multiple devices and application. At the event, Pichai demonstrated the assistant’s ability to parse context by asking it what movies were playing tonight, specifying that he wanted to bring the kids, and then buying tickets, all without leaving the app and more or less in the way you’d speak to a human.


Google Home : A voice activated device with a built-in speaker, this device is in direct competition with Amazon’s Echo. It will harness the power of Google Assistant and will be built on the Chromecast standards, which lets it push media to other Cast-compatible speakers and screens, change temperature or lighting through Nest devices, and integrate with services like Spotify.


Google Allo : This new and friendly messaging app does not need a Google account but instead binds on your phone number. Along side the usual emoji and stickers, this app will let you draw on photos and change the fonts. It’s main feature will be the access to Google Assistant that will not only reply to your questions if you ask him directly but also be able to recognize pictures and suggest replies based on your habits. Secure, message are encrypted and even encrypted end-to-end in incognito mode. Available this summer.


Google Duo : Video companion of Allo. This will be a competitor to FaceTime, but with extra features like “Knock Knock” giving you the possibility to see a video preview of the caller before answering. Available this summer.


Android N : New Android version with speed and graphic amelioration. There is also better security, seamless updates and Daydream among many more features.


Daydream : New VR platform for smartphones and all of your devices. It’s a part of Android N and there will be a Google Play for VR.


Android Wear 2.0 : Same basic idea, better implementation. Better integration with Google Fit, the fitness tracker, even if your phone is not with you. Same thing with music streaming that now does not require the phone.



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