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A young and enterprising advertising agency, Archipel was looking for reliable and efficient Cloud solutions to give its teams a collaborative platform that offered mobility, reliability, freedom and flexibility. Implementing G Suite proved to be a positive experience for Archipel. Discover how its employees were quickly able to benefit from these Cloud services to improve their productivity at work.

Agence Archipel quickly

Agence Archipel is a young and enterprising advertising agency that was founded 10 years ago. Passionate about advertising and wishing to outfit themselves with the best conditions for their trade, Archipel’s president Benoit Bousquet founded the company on the south shore of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) in 2004. Since then, the agency has sought out talented resources and has seen its activities grow exponentially. An official member of the AAPQ (Quebec advertising agencies association), the company works in North America and has a diverse range of projects under its belt in fields ranging from traditional advertising to web development (website design, SEO, GoogleAdWords Certified Partners). Reaping the fruits of its labour and the philosophy of its approach, a high percentage of its new clients are referred to them by their satisfied clients. A challenge conquered for an advertising agency.

The solutions implemented by SE Cloud Experts helped us to clearly improve our efficiency and collaborative work in our company. This significantly increased our productivity.

Benoit Bousquet
CEO Agence Archipel

Allying tools and operating systems with mobility and reliability.

At the origin of its search for reliable and efficient Cloud solutions, it was first important for Archipel to consider how it operated. Due to the nature of its activities, the company is composed of two salaried teams: a web team and a design team. With one of the teams working on PCs (Windows) and the other working on Macs (OsX), the agency was looking for a solution that would allow them to collaborate in a way that was compatible with the two different environments.

In addition, since the company does most of its work off-site at their client’s locations and projects were simultaneously or successively followed up on by multiple employees, Archipel wanted an efficient solution that would allow them mobility and the freedom to use different devices (fixed workstation, laptop, tablet, etc.). These frequent tasks were a source of irritation for them (for example, beginning work at one workstation and completing a presentation on another, or ensuring that a specific document corresponded to the most recent version, etc.).

Lastly, as the web was rapidly developing and the company was seeing solid growth, Archipel was looking for reliable and sustainable tools that would help them meet their growing needs for project management, internal and external communications, and storage.

G Suite: The logical choice for Archipel

A thorough needs assessment helped us identify the G Suite collaboration platform as the perfect solution for Archipel’s specifications. The solution responded both to the objective of improving collaborative work, mobility and flexibility in using different devices while reserving the possibility for employees to work on their preferred operating system.

In order to integrate the flexibility of the platform and the new tools, they were progressively implemented while respecting the schedules of the different people involved. Implementation was carried out in 3 main stages:

  • Creation of the Google account, email addresses, agendas and address books
  • Migration of work documents to the Cloud using Google Drive
  • Appropriation of the new tools to encourage collaboration

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