C2 Montréal is a non-profit organization aiming to advance both Québec’s economy and society by engaging present and future leaders, innovators and decision makers in a collaborative dialogue that generates purposeful and durable connections.

We are an avant-garde platform for gatherings where commerce and creativity merge to create transformative experiences taking place in a setting like no other.


La créativité est notre force ultime, parce qu’elle a le pouvoir de stimuler l’imaginaire et la pensée créative pour amener les participants à transformer le monde qui les entoure, sur le plan personnel comme professionnel.

Creativity is our strong suit–it has the power to inspire the imagination and spur creative thinking and to give participants the tools they need to change their world on both personal and professional levels.

We believe today’s organizations need to find novel solutions to social, technological, political and environmental challenges,not only to stand out, but to meet the needs of this most important of stakeholders: the human species

C2 Montréal was created in 2012 and is overseenby 14 administrators, 12 of whom are independent. Two representatives from C2 Montréal’s cofounding partners sit on its board: Sid Lee, who initiated the project and formed the non-profit, and Cirque du Soleil.

S&E Cloud Experts are a solid partner, helping us with the deployment of the the Google Cloud universe within our business. Their continuous support has allowed us to move ahead with G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform in our day-to-day activities.

Chris Cowley
VP, Digital innovation & technology

C2, S&E Cloud Experts and Google Cloud

C2 International is host to one of the largest business events in Canada. In 2017, there was a need to improve their collaboration tools. After many in-depth studies, GSuite was the preferred choice for its mobility, collaboration, reliability and multi-platform capabilities. S&E Cloud Experts has supported C2 in the environment migration, resource training and workshops on cutting-edge topics. Beyond the G Suite collaboration environment, S&E Cloud Experts also had the privilege of providing tailor-made support to the C2 team regarding the Google Cloud Platform environment. Exploring the GCP environment will become very useful in a near future in addressing the organization’s technology challenges. As a Google Cloud strategic partner, S&E Cloud Experts is very proud to support C2 operations on a regular basis.

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