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Improving Security & Collaboration to Help Talent Shine

About Espresso communication

Founded in 1988, Espresso communication is a Quebec-based Canadian company focused on three types of services: linguistic (translation), content creation/strategy, and marketing.

It is a communications agency dedicated to conceptualizing, creating, and sharing its clients’ stories.

“Over our three decades in business, we’ve stayed true to the values we’ve held since the very beginning: producing top-quality work, building trusting relationships with clients, and cultivating a workplace people feel good about.”

Espresso firmly believes that its strengths lie in its employees’ talents and the trust it has built with its clients over the past 30 years.

The Espresso family brings together word nerds, superstar strategists, and design devotees. They all have different talents, but they share a common goal: to help SMEs find a voice that resonates with their audience. There’s nothing that gives the team more satisfaction than putting their heads together to come up with a brilliant idea!

What started as two people sharing a single Macintosh computer has gradually transformed into the company known today as Espresso communication: a thriving agency of more than 40 professionals offering not only translation, but also a wide range of marketing, design, and content creation services.

Espresso Communication Team

The Challenge

Courtesy of Espresso Communication

In 2020, Espresso communication was facing various challenges that came along with the new reality of remote work. The evolving hybrid work model gave new urgency to existing collaboration challenges. How do teams stay focused and connected as they work together despite everyone being in different places?

The first issue to address was security: Espresso was still on an internal server and wanted to secure and standardize its processes.

The second was retention: how to provide employees with the best work tools, keeping in mind that IT should make life easier, not harder.

And finally, optimization: the agency wanted to make collaboration between its different teams as smooth as possible.

The Solution

Google Workspace Enterprise was the perfect solution.

The security concern was addressed thanks to Google’s secure environment and the implementation of various Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules with the help of S&E Cloud Experts. Google Workspace is designed with security in mind, featuring the protections needed to keep you and your data secure.

The retention and collaboration challenges were covered thanks to the use of Google Workspace in each team and internal training on how to get the most out of it.

As Espresso communication’s partner, S&E Cloud Experts advised the agency on which SKU they should choose and provided guidance to help them master Google Workspace and improve security. We recently conducted a workshop on DLP based on Espresso’s specific needs.

The Results

Within just a few weeks of completing the workshop, Espresso had secured an additional 50% of sensitive data using the DLP rules.

They are also very happy with the way they have been able to standardize their collaboration processes using features that are easy to use, even in a work-from-home context. With smart canvas and innovations in Google Meet, it’s easy to bring the voices and faces of your team directly into the collaboration experience, allowing people to share ideas and solve problems together from anywhere. With tighter integrations between communication and collaboration tools, Espresso can pull content into conversations and conversations into content.

As an added bonus, the agency says they are now more than 95% paperless.

Courtesy of Espresso Communication - their office
Espresso Communication office
“The Google environment is more secure, and it’s great that I can now manage spam and make sure people don’t share sensitive documents or information outside the company, in addition to having better control over data in general. As for S&E Cloud Experts, I was definitely impressed by your knowledge on security during the DLP workshop, and I’m glad you continue to share your know-how on a regular basis.”
Fab Rossini
Operations Director

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