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If you are looking for safer and secure IT environment for your school, contact us today! We provide digital transformation services to both public and private schools all over Quebec and Ontario. We work with some school boards or associations to provide a secure G Suite / Google Workspace for Education environment for students, teachers, educators and administrative staff. S&E Cloud Experts has been certified as Google for Edutation Partner. As a result, we support many school projects each year and we have trained many professionals to support Google Cloud and Google for Education services in schools or universities.

We would like to share a Customer Success Story about Marie-Clarac, a school that was ready for virtual lessons shortly after the stay-at-home order came out. It’s not just a story. It’s part of the growing trend towards online learning and technology.

Simple & Efficient transition with automation

Marie-Clarac is a school and a charity that offers an educational path from kindergarten to high school for children from low-income neighborhoods in Montreal-Nord. Marie-Clarac School counts around 1500 people: students, teachers, educational staff.

École Marie-Clarac ensures the integral growth of students through the optimal development of their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, moral and religious potential.

The Marie-Louise Clarac Foundation was founded in 1989 by the initiative of a group of parents and the management of École Marie-Clarac. Its purpose is to raise funds that allow a better development of young people by facilitating their development through appropriate educational, professional, technical, cultural and sporting means.

The Challenge

The challenge was to lower technology barriers to teach remotely by using a secure and  easy-to-use platform. That system should sync users profiles and parameters with Active Directory.

The challenge was time-sensitive : the tool had to be integrated quickly due to the stay-at-home order.

Furthermore, the service and support has to be available in French.

The Solution

Marie-Clarac School - stay at home
Courtesy of Marie-Clarac Instagram

S&E Cloud Experts launched Google Workspace for Education in a short time and automated synchronization of user profiles between Google Cloud and Microsoft.

The team regularly advises on the most suitable licenses for Marie-Clarac: Education Plus. 

They also provide support and Google for Education webinars.

S&E Cloud Experts is also used as a reference for Google Workspace training, Chrome, Chrome Education Upgrade, Google Cloud Platform, Jamboard and Chromebook.

The automation provided by S&E Cloud Experts met the challenges of performance, flexibility and security. The synchronization software is proof that our experts know how to adapt to the reality of our customers to make it simple and efficient.

The Results

Teachers navigate on an intuitive platform adapted to the school environment and students have online tools safe and easy to use: Google for Education.

On the technical side, user profiles are synchronized across different systems without manual intervention.

About the timing, the automation saved more than 100 hours of work for the IT manager and the heart of the project only required a dozen hours over a month.

Courtesy of Marie-Clarac Instagram
“I was able to rely on S&E Cloud Experts to ensure the flexibility and security of remote working, as well as to equip my technical ambassadors. That was fantastic because I had planned 20 hours of work per week for synchronization which I was finally able to release. I only had to do it once thanks to the migration tools that S&E Cloud team shared with me.”
Google for education MarieClarac
Victor Contreras
IT Infrastructure Manager

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École Marie-Clarac ensures the integral growth of students through the optimal development of their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, moral and religious potential. The exceptional living environment, imbued with strong human and Christian values, develops 21st century skills and promotes

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