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S&E Client Flinks

About Flinks

This Fintech start-up delivers tools for financial innovation for businesses. They developed a data aggregator platform dedicated to facilitating their end goal of open banking. In just 3 years, they became the leader in financial data connectivity and enrichment.

The challenge

As a growing Fintech start up, Flinks‘ needs to maintain cutting edge security on Multi Cloud infrastructures (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon and Azure). As such SOC2 certified, security and compliance must be optimal and seamlessly integrated everywhere.

cyber securité - security commend center

The solution

Cybersecurity can be easily managed and updated with the Google Cloud Security Command Center, with Cloud Armor adding an enhanced level of IA. The physical security is managed by Google who is SOC2 certified. Along with this, hosting data in centers located in Canada and having high security standards, reassures Flink’s that their data is safe and in compliance with the regulations governing their industry.

The results

CONTROL – At a quick glance, IT administrators can easily control the entire organization’s security parameters – configuration optimization, firewalls, isolate networks and monitor at-risk behaviors.

BEST PRACTICES – Access to training and to free & quick GCP engineers’ advice allows Flinks teams to stay up to date.

LOW COST – The availability of dashboards is an efficient feature for security management with no extra cost.

Partnering with Google and S&E has allowed us to obtain better ROI, access to various free technical resources and subsidies. In addition, they accompany us with excellent customer service. These aspects add value that cannot be found elsewhere.

The biggest advantage is the support. If we don’t have the answers, we can call our partner or Google directly and be in contact with a specialist within 24 hours, who has already done what we are trying to do! We are directed to the right people. I really feel like Google is an extension of Flinks’ IT team. Everything takes time, but with Google it goes faster!

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