Customer Success Story – SMB – Bang Marketing

Look up how Bang Marketing, a B2B marketing agency, uses Google Workspace features to gain autonomy and support a symbiotic & secure collaboration between employees, partners, clients and freelancers.

Bang Marketing’s business, supported by S&E Cloud Experts, has been boosted with the use of the solutions offered by Google in order to offer an  improved experience to their collaborators.

More autonomy & more collaboration

Our SMB's Customer Success Story in Marketing

About Bang Marketing

Founded in 1998, Bang Marketing is a Quebec based marketing agency whose mission is to support businesses on their marketing needs. One of their core values is to build strong and long-term relationships with customers and partners and maintain a people centric culture that allows them to attract and retain the best possible talent pool.

The Challenge

Between the use of different hardwares and the fact they collaborate with employees, freelancers and partners who are working from several locations, Bang marketing needed a solution that allows various levels of accesses and confidentiality. 

Besides, being autonomous with IT management (less outsourcing) was needed to gain productivity and control over the operations.

The Solution

To optimize working methods, Bang Marketing decided to upgrade to a higher version of Google Workspace and thus benefit from more collaboration features. Regarding the standardization of their processes and the control they needed to gain on their infrastructure, S&E Cloud Experts helped them migrate local data onto Google Drive following an approach that included both training and support.

Our role as a partner

S&E Cloud Experts helped the customer on several aspects to cover all the challenges. Using our Expertise on Google Cloud we helped them choose the best suited Google Workspace version and we performed the migration from their server to Google Drive.

The Outcome

Both the implementation of Google Drive and the upgrade quickly improved collaboration and restored control over their IT management. As an example, the transformation resolved the redundancy in granting specific accesses to contractors and remote employees. It has also allowed Bang Marketing to gather their resources, features and data under the same tool which was one of their main objectives.

The control is back in our hands. As a manager, this project has saved me a lot of time and trouble. In the long run, it will also save the company some money. We will definitely be doing more projects with S&E Cloud Experts. They adapted the Scope of Work to our new needs during the project and built a tailor-made knowledge transfer. Besides, we really appreciated our trainer’s human touch.
Eric Bissonnette
General Manager

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