KnightsBridge is the largest LEED Platinum certified multi-residential project builder in Quebec. We design, build and sell housing units with optimum lifespans and performance. All our projects are designed by recognized architectural firms to ensure design and ergonomics that meet the changing needs of today’s clientele…and tomorrow’s!

We build 100% new buildings – from the foundations to the roof – that contain a limited number of units in order to reduce common expenses. Our buildings also integrate innovative technologies and systems to maximize energy efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs. This is part of the reason why our units come with an outstanding guarantee.

A Different Business Model

Unlike the standard model where a developer (land owner) hires a general contractor to build the building, a marketing team to create a concept, a real estate broker to sell the units and a service team to perform the repairs, we chose to integrate all these steps internally.

This results in a new kind of company where the limited number of participants allows for a faster transmission of information, the integration of the clients’ needs right from the design stage, and greater transparency throughout the process.

A Profitable Investment

Despite the quality of the materials and methods used in the construction of our buildings, the verticality of our business model allows us to offer our units at a competitive price, regardless of the area where we build

Highly organized business with in-depth knowledge of G suite platform. Strongly supported by S&E Cloud Experts, both with regards to IT strategy and for solving our urgent problems, even on December 26th!

Simon Boyer
President and Head of Development,

Knightsbridge, S&E Cloud Experts and Google Cloud

Knightsbridge has been using the Google G Suite environment for several years and leverages the collaboration environment to simplify day-to-day operations challenges. Knightsbridge also used Google Cloud Platform services to decommission the main physical server that was problematic, eliminating the risk of service disruption. Knightsbridge made the leap with Google Cloud while being supported by the S&E Cloud Experts team.

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