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About Maître Carré

The company has developed and managed an enviable portfolio of properties. One example is Brickfields, offering 32 distinctive residences in Montréal. It earned the 2018 Residential Project of the Year award from the Association de la construction du Québec, one of several distinctions the company has accumulated in recent years. 

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The Challenge

Some current Maitre Carré properties

Access to accurate, workable, real-time data to make informed decisions, test new ways quickly and drive innovation in a highly competitive market.

How the company could manage the flow of requests from its direct customers?

The people in the leasing department, left to fend with the situation, needed proper tools that would enable them to focus on leasing and avoid distractions.

The Solution

A combinaison between Workspace, data capture and  fully integrated automation application: 

  • To alleviate the strain of everyday tasks, Google Workspace make it easy to build and share every file, from a building’s plans to onboarding welcome kits, with any contact, whether an employee, customer, prospect or resident.   Maitre Carré upgraded its Google Workspace plan to Business Plus to achieve PCI compliance.
  • Copper CRM application. Not only was it quick and easy to launch, but it was also fully integrated with Workspace, which the company had been using for years.
  • These data sets are also used to feed a dashboard in Google Data Studio, with no manual actions or data transfer needed.
The automation of certain functions provides greater accuracy and full data security. Also, there is no more unpleasant surprises, less stress. Moreover, it is a huge time-saver and provides greater well-being for employees.
Maitre Carré
David Farnandez
VP Finances & administration

The Results

Google Cloud serves as an umbrella and as a link between all these apps.

Using this set of applications, I can see in real time how things are going in terms of leasing and communications,” Mr. Fernandez adds. “I can see how many visits we had during the day. These are things that would never have been possible before.”

“The solution they provided helps us ensure that our customers get the service they deserve. Now we can be sure that nobody is forgotten. We can respond to queries quickly and constructively, because the information we need is readily accessible. The tool gives us real-time access to information.” Being data-driven has the advantage of enabling the space to be creative.
Maitre Carré
David Farnandez
VP Finances & administration

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