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Doing away with server management and local backups while gaining in mobility and flexibility

Maître Carré designs and develops contemporary and intelligent buildings in the greater Montreal region (Canada). Recently, their objective was to no longer have to manage a local server for storage and to increase flexibility in order to make collaborative work between employees, consultants and contractors easier. Read on to discover how Google solutions helped Maître Carré overcome this challenge while maintaining security.

About Maître Carré

Since 2009, Maître Carré has designed and developed contemporary and intelligent buildings in the greater Montreal region (Canada). More than places to live, the company offers truly urban living spaces perfectly integrated into their environment. Their signature look is both innovative and harmonious, with a creative and exacting design. Maître Carré’s interventions fall into the following activity sectors: development and construction of residential, commercial and retail buildings; townhouse development; site location; financing; marketing/construction consultation; and building acquisitions.

Wishing to contribute positively to the City of Montreal, Maître Carré aims to support the local economy, restore and develop its existing heritage, celebrate diverse art forms and culture, and promote good relationships within its neighbourhoods. In addition, the buildings proposed by Maître Carré are designed to minimize their environmental footprint throughout their life cycle.

Simplifying access to data and information is a considerable advantage for our company.

Hugo Girard Beauchamp
President at Maître Carré

Doing away with server management and local backups while gaining in mobility and flexibility

Maître Carré’s objective was to no longer need to rely on a server on its premises. The servers were located in a room adjacent to its offices and they were becoming less and less reliable every year. They were looking to find a short-term way to no longer rely on backups made to the local server. Along the same lines, they wanted to reduce the amount of time spent by their employees on managing servers and saving data.

It was also necessary to consider Maître Carré’s work reality in order to better understand their specifications. In effect, its team works with a large number of consultants and contractors. This made the sharing of files a sensitive issue, in addition to complicating security management. The solutions had to meet this need by simplifying operations. In addition, its employees often needed to work on a tablet or laptop, whether at the customer’s site or when working from home. The solutions needed to meet these needs for mobility while maintaining security and simplifying the management of different work documents (specifically to avoid multiplication of copies).

Google Drive: a high performing Cloud storage solution retained by Maître Carré

Considering its context and all of the needs identified, the search for solutions quickly helped identify Google Drive as a logical choice for Maître Carré. The solution perfectly meet their needs in regards to the backup, management and sharing of documents, as well as security, mobility and flexibility.

To take full advantage of the Cloud solutions available to employees through Google solutions, the process was divided into 3 phases. The deployment of Google Drive took place first, then allowing for the integration of Gmail messaging, shared agendas, integrated office automation tools and complementary applications.

  • Creation of the Google account and migration of data onto Google Drive
  • Establishment of the Gmail messaging system and shared agendas
  • Appropriation of the new tools to encourage collaboration and simplify work

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