Collaboration: the improved work experience for all

Collaboration: a team effort

From nurses to grocery store associates to warehouse employees, essential frontline workers have played a crucial and often heroic role during the pandemic. Despite their importance, those on the frontlines seldom have access to the same collaboration and communication tools that keep knowledge workers informed and connected. As a result, frontline workers often resort to their own personal devices and apps to get the information they need, when they need it.

Communication channels for all

Google Workspace Frontline open up communication and collaboration channels between frontline workers and corporate teams in a way that’s safe and secure. Workspace Frontline is a custom solution that includes communication and collaboration apps like Gmail, Chat, Docs, Drive, and more, as well as business-grade support and security features like advanced endpoint management that help keep a company’s data secure.

Frontline Workers

Custom applications

We’ve also made it easier for business teams to build custom AppSheet apps directly from Google Sheets and Drive, so that frontline workers can digitize and streamline their work, whether it’s collecting data in the field, reporting safety risks, or managing customer requests. By closing the gap between the frontline and the corporate team, we’re giving frontline workers secure access, on any device, to the information they need to be at their best.

An improvement whatever the user

Here are 2 case studies to illustrate the collaboration between all stakeholders



The first line: direct and mobile contact with the customer

Mobility, stable and secure is necessary to support frontline workers. They are the showcase for your business. they are the ones who are closest to your customer. Yet, often they are neither equipped to take advantage of all the information your business collects, nor equipped to easily pass it on.

Frontline workers are at the heart of an organization, performing critical behind-the-scenes operations or working directly with customers in client-facing engagements. They perform task- and time-sensitive activities that often differ greatly from knowledge workers. Gartner predicts that 70 percent of mobile and endpoint investments will be aimed at enabling frontline workers over the next five years.

Hear from Walmart and Australia Post and how they’re using Android, with its diverse form factors and innovative app development tools, to address the needs of their frontline workers, unlocking potential for improved collaboration, customer engagement, process efficiencies, and insights for better decision-making.

Frontline workers are the backbone of your business and have one of these primary job functions:

  • Providing services, support, and selling products in direct contact with customers or the general public
  • Directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products or services.
  • Make up the majority of your workforce and rely on speed and collaboration to get their job done.

Examples of frontline workers include:

  • Manufacturing assembly workers
  • Restaurant, hospitality, and retail workers
  • Farming, fishing, and forestry workers
  • Construction workers
  • Field workers
  • Call center and transportation operators

Frontline workers share their primary work device with other qualifying frontline workers during or across shifts, or primarily use a mobile device because they are “deskless” and move from location to location as part of their work. For shared primary work devices, the other frontline workers must also use the device as their primary work device.

Frontline workers are “light” content creators and primarily review or consume content in Google Workspace services. For example, they complete transactions rather than draft documents, or review Calendar meetings.

Integrated technologies designed for collaboration

Workspace Front Line Workers

Frontline workers use a wealth of knowledge to provide routine and essential services. Workspace: The ideal formula for teams of all sizes to join forces, create content and collaborate.

Chrome Entreprise and Android

These workers make up the majority of your workforce and rely on speed and collaboration to get the job done.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the capabilities of your OS for a secure, delicately orchestrated IT instance, bringing the full potential of the cloud to workers. Android: Operating system for mobile devices.

Chromebook, Chromebox and Chromebase

They are the face of your business – the first to interact with a customer or product and the first to impact the customer experience.

Tailor-made combination

Do your office workers require the options of Workspace Business or Enterprise?

Do your front-line workers need light tools adapted to their mobility?

Need to orchestrate the back to the office hardware, mobile workers and shared computers?

Do you want to increase security or make your life easier with your fleet of tablets, cellphones, laptops, etc.?

All combinations are possible. We adapt to your reality. same price as Google, local service in addition.

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