This collaborative feature allows you to express your personality and add a touch of creativity, while letting your colleagues know your availability. Whether you’re away, on vacation, on the go, or available for a virtual coffee, use emoticons to express yourself!

Chat is as a key part of the integrated Gmail experience on the web and on mobile devices. To advocate collaboration, communication, and creativity, Workspace able you to custom your activity status for Gmail, Chats and Rooms (named Spaces now).

Update your activity status on Gmail, Chat & Rooms

1. Tap the status indicator pill next to the search bar 

2. “Add a status” option with a pencil icon appears

3. The status activity you choose to display gets appended to the existing “Automatic”, “Do not disturb”, and “Set as away” and fourth automatic Idle/orange — options/dots.

4. Tap to open a “Your status” pop-up.

5. Defaults options are shown: “Be right back” (30 mins), “Commuting” (1 hour), “Out sick” (Today), and “Vacationing” (This week). 

6. Write your own activity status and select an optional emoji.

7. Specify when you want the status to automatically clear. 


Update status on Android

1. Tap “Add a status”  to open a new screen

2. Write your own, select an emoji, choose a “Clear status after” increment.

This is widely rolled out if you have “Chat” enabled in Gmail for Android settings. You have to enable it on a per-device basis.

Not available on iOS.

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