A new version of Google Chrome is moving towards us. We had the pleasure to experience it thanks to the Canary version of Google Chrome, a developer version that allows you to test in advance the future change of the popular browser.


The first thing we noticed when opening chrome are the much more round forms of the new interface. You will also notice that the hues used in the browser coloring have been changed. It’s a change in the beginning but it makes the browser much more convenient and relaxing for the eye. A feature that will help those who spend a lot of time in front of their computer.





In addition, subtle changes are where made to ease the usage of touch screen. It will be easier to click on links and other shortcuts.


In addition, Chrome will now block several types of advertising deemed untimely.




Finally, Google mentions other changes that we can’t try at the moment like a multi-user mode and a left-handed option for the mobile version.




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