This case highlights an issue related to a heavy process for requesting and approving time off. This example is from a government agency that has used G Suite wisely to simplify its operations.


At this state government, the process to ask for paid time off was manual. Employees filled out a paper form and submitted it to their managers for approval. Managers reviewed and approved requests and forwarded the paperwork on to HR. HR then entered approved requests into their system to complete the process. This lengthy process was time consuming, and paper requests were often lost in the shuffle, causing delays.


These government offices have updated their PTO request process using SitesForms, and Apps Script. Now employees go to a custom site and fill out a PTO request form. An email is then generated and sent to their supervisor for approval and finally routed to HR. Once the request is approved, the leave time is added to a shared leave calendar designed with Google Calendar.


  • The simplified process saves managers and HR associates time.
  • Less paper is used. Processing errors are reduced.
  • The centralized list of department leave-time dates helps managers keep the office running smoothly throughout different cycles of employee PTO.

How it works?

First step – Streamline vacation approvals and notifications

Employees complete a Google Forms request for time off. Their manager receives an email notification of the request. Clicking a link in the notification email takes the manager to a Sheetsspreadsheet, where they approve or reject the request. This action in turn notifies the employee and HR.


  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to request, approve, and notify the appropriate parties.
  • Improve visibility of time-off requests in a single master view.
  • Keep a digital record of all requests.
Click on image for Google form example

Second step – Automate the process with Apps Script

Automate the process with Apps Script to let managers approve or reject vacation requests via an embedded link in the notification email. The employee and payroll department automatically receive an approval or rejection email. A Calendarevent is also automatically created on a time-off calendar in both the employee’s and the manager’s calendars.


  • Make the approval process even quicker and easier.
  • Simplify the process further, with automated calendar entries and more seamless notifications.
Click on image for script example and procedure

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