Google will tackle false information and inappropriate content by changing the way the search engine delivers and categorizes searches on the internet.


Adjustments for this will be made on the algorithm used to provide results, while providing users with more options for reporting inappropriate content. The suggestions that Google offers when a query is made are also affected. Google and Facebook have taken action over the last few months to curb the spread of false news and misinformation after concerns over what may have influenced voters during the US presidential election in 2016. Both companies have sought to reduce advertising revenues to sites that promote false news but have recognized the need to do more.

The amendment announced Tuesday, aims to avoid incidents like the promotion last year by the search engine of a site that claimed the Holocaust had not taken place.
Google will make it easier for users to report “automatic” inappropriate suggestions and annoying “snippets“.
The new system allows users to directly inform (Google) if you find sensitive or unnecessary content. These comments will be used to improve search algorithms.


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