Going Google

A practical guide to change management for Google Apps adoption

Moving to the cloud has tremendous benefits, but it’s a big change. Big changes at companies require thoughtful guidance and communication even when the change has as much upside as Google Apps. Sometimes the success of the change hinges not on the change itself, but how it’s managed.

This guide provides the change management concepts, steps, and

best practices to ensure a smooth and complete transition to Google Apps. It explains how to expedite product adoption, increase productivity, and address user concerns, such as:

  • Why are we switching?
  • What happens to my old email and data?
  • How will I get up to speed?

Inside, you’ll also find case studies and quotes from real-life customers who have “gone Google,” as well as checklists, templates, and sample communications. Everything you’ll see is based on the experiences of customers and partners who moved to Google Apps, and we thank them for their generosity in sharing insights and lessons learned.