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Google Chrome

A high performing browser and modern devices

Google Chrome offers an environment that is rich in possibilities:

  • Browse the Internet & Access web applications
  • Hold video conferences
  • Create interactive kiosks
  • Manage a digital signage

A browser that is easy to deploy and manage

By offering the possibility to manage device settings and usage rules from a centralized console that is accessible from anywhere, the Google Chrome browser is more than user-friendly.

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Quality video conferences

Chromebox for Meetings is a cost-efficient and easy-to-use set of tools that offer the ability to quickly access meetings and conference calls enriched with quality video support. They can be implemented in just a few minutes, and it is possible to change the settings and manage them remotely. With Chromebox for Meetings, you can share your screen and give presentations remotely, just as if you were there. You can also join discussions with other collaborators via phone if they don’t have access to a webcam or computer. Your long-distance communications don’t have to be complicated.

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Simple and efficient devices

Intuitive and fast, Chromebooks are easy-to-use devices. They are designed to be perfectly adapted to the modern use of information technologies. Quickly get your devices up and running within your company and access all of your applications from the web in just a few seconds. With automatic updates and no security patches, you can simultaneously reduce your maintenance costs and acquisition costs.

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