Estimate your cloud modernization and migration costs with a IT cost assessment

It Cost efficiency

How can you make your journey to the cloud fast, seamless, and smooth?

Gain insight into your current landscape, and estimate the total cost of migrating and modernizing with a complimentary or discounted assessment from S&E Cloud Experts and Google Cloud*.

You’ll receive:

• A detailed and accurate inventory of your virtual and physical assets 

• A customized report on the TCO of moving to the cloud 

• Guidance from S&E Cloud Experts to help you create and execute a migration plan

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the form below to request your complimentary assessment;

2. An expert will reach out to schedule your assessment;

3. Find out if you meet the technical criteria to get a complimentary assessement (100% discount) or 50% discount;

4. Our team will deploy a simple tool to enable a remote inventory of your infrastructure and database;

5. Get a customized report to review with our team and plan your migration and modernization journey.

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* if technical conditions are met. Criteria could be like 200+servers or 5+ Nodes or 100+ VMs

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