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Google Workspace for Education

S&E Cloud Experts


Create value at all levels
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Confidential access
  • Everything they need in one place
  • Seamless integration
S&E Cloud Experts


Supercharge student outcomes
  • Real time collaboration
  • Genuine connections
  • Leverage tools that evolve with the unique needs of your institution
  • Ready-to-use
S&E Cloud Experts


Keep data private and secure
  • Trust in multi-layer, built-in security that meets rigorous privacy and compliance education standards

Google Classroom allows teachers to save time while managing assignments, exams and communications with their students.


Check out our teachers training journey

Collaboration tools

Meet, Jamboard, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Drive, Keep

S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts
S&E Cloud Experts

S&E Cloud ExpertsGoogle Meet may include:

Breakout rooms  
Interactions: hand raising, Q&A & polls  
Digital whiteboard  
Live captions  
Branded or customized background  
End meetings for all option  
Mute all in 1 click option  
Live captions subtitles  
Multiple Moderators  

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Communications tools

Meet, Chat, Gmail, Forms, Classroom & Assignments

S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts S&E Cloud Experts

S&E Cloud Experts Classroom may include:

Create virtual classes  
Distribute assignments  
Send grades and feedback  
Scan for plagiarism  

Follow this link for a 101 tutorial about Classroom

Security tools


S&E Cloud Experts

S&E Cloud Experts Security tools: AdminConsole

Link sharing with- different levels of user permissions to allow for maximum flexibility and control over security and access around users  
Context-aware authentication  
Student engagement tracking  
Security health check  
Security dashboard  
Investigation tools  
Protection against malicious attachments, phishing or spams  

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S&E Cloud Experts
S&E Cloud Experts

Free edition: Education Fundamentals

Try it for free all year long

Education Fundamentals is a free suite of easy-to-use tools that provides a flexible and secure foundation for learning, collaboration and communication – all in one place.

S&E Cloud Experts


Collaborate on same documents in real time

S&E Cloud Experts


Wide range of tools for your conversations and videoconferences

S&E Cloud Experts


Save time creating courses, scheduling student work, administering tests and grading – all under a single sign on

S&E Cloud Experts

Security and control

Rely on data protection and compliance practices that meet rigorous privacy and security requirements

S&E Cloud Experts


Freedom to work from anywhere with any device

S&E Cloud Experts

Admin tools

Enhanced reporting, centralized administration and ease of use

Education Fundamentals include:  
Student engagement tracking: dashboards & metrics  
Smart compose and autocorrect available in English, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish  
Google Form & interact quiz to interact with students  
Admin control for meeting participants  

Ready to try?

Google Workspace for Education Standard

Education Standard includes all the features of Education Fundamentals, as well as advanced security and analytics tools that help you proactively protect data and privacy, and safeguard your school community against evolving security risks.

S&E Cloud Experts

Proactive Security

Prevent, detect, and remediate security threats

S&E Cloud Experts

Track & generate insights

Optimize your system with advanced data and insights

S&E Cloud Experts

Admin tools

Manage, customize, control, set rules


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Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Empower educators to do their best work

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade includes all the capabilities of Education Fundamentals as well as enhanced video conferencing, enriched class experiences, and tools to drive academic integrity and transform learning.

S&E Cloud Experts

Engage & encourage

Increase student engagement with interactive Q&A’s, polls and breakout rooms

S&E Cloud Experts

Create classroom content

Enhance the classroom experience and scan for plagiarism

S&E Cloud Experts

Provide tools for guiding students

Integrate original reports directly into your grading interface

Teaching and Learning Upgrade include:  
Set up breakout rooms ahead of time in Google Calendar to organize student time & meetings  
Noise cancellation  
Meeting recording  

Let’s see how to enhance the Classroom experience

Google Workspace for Education Plus

The ultimate Google Workspace for Education edition

This comprehensive edition includes all the enhanced security features and tools from Education Standard and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and more.

S&E Cloud Experts

Proactive Security

Prevent, detect, and remediate security threats with holistic controls

S&E Cloud Experts

Boosted Communication

The best of Classroom & videoconference
All the features and add-ons

S&E Cloud Experts

Admin tools

Extra storage, faster support, best access to content with Cloud search

Google Workspace for Education Plus include:  
Streamline approvals so reviewers can approve, reject or leave feedback  
Larger meetings and livestreams  

Ask for our webinar on new features to come

S&E Cloud Experts

Transformation: Roadmap with S&E Cloud Experts

Your success. Our expertise.

Evolve every day

Take advantage of Google’s continuous innovation


Get the latest features delivered seamlessly to users


Continually improve student outcomes


Use insights and analytics to track progress


Knowledge Journeys

Training philosophy

Our mission is to support Quebec and Canadian schools in their digital transformation that optimizes connected & collaborative educational institutions. We want to give them the keys to master technologies aimed at achieving their goals.

S&E Cloud fast fact:
  • 10+ years experience in Google Solutions
  • Certified Google specialists
  • Training qualified by Emploi Quebec – agreement certification
  • 97% customer satisfaction rate on trainings

Global training plan

We build a global training plan in collaboration with our customers to give them ownership on their knowledge.

Before finding the most efficient journey, we need to know where you are and where you want to go. We recommend an audit and running some polls to assess your level of expertise.

Ask for a tech audit

For medium and large projects, we propose Onboarding Workspace paths. For advanced Cloud clients, Data migration training paths are also available. We also provide customized workshops & training.

Every audience has its own path to master new ways of teaching and learning through Google applications.


Train the trainer

Autonomy is the end goal we want you to reach thanks to us. Most of our training, workshops, tutorials, webinars and configuration exercises are made to be used by ambassadors in your organisation. We also offer change management support programs to help implement and maintain a collaborative and edger-to-learn culture.


Ongoing trainings

To stay up-to-date with S&E Cloud experts which provide communication channels to your staff and teachers. They sign up for what they need, when they want, free of charge.

  • New feature webinars
  • Tips & tricks newsletters
  • On-demand tutorials
  • Product insights e-mailings

Collaboration applications

The art of mastering the essentials.


  • Discover new ways of working
  • Understanding the philosophy of Google applications
Tips & tricks

Group your participants by level; The more you already know, the more we deep-dive into features.

Workshop Collaboration
  • Overview of the benefits of key features of Chrome, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar & Hang out
  • Simple & efficient configurations to match their everyday working methods
Workshop Drive & Productivity
  • Overview of the benefits of key features of Drive, Slides, Docs and Sheets
  • The recommended practices to work between Google Workspace and Microsoft Office
  • Simple & efficient secure documents sharing and documentation structure

Communication applications

Mastering the learning tools


  • Discover new ways of teaching
  • Use the full potential of online (or hybrid) courses
Tips & tricks

Do you know that you can open a new #GoogleMeet instantly by typing “meet.new” into your browser?

Tips & tricks

The tool converts your handwritten text into printed text.

Workshop Classroom & Meet (part 1)
  • Overview of the benefits of Learning & Teaching features of Classroom, Chat & Meet
  • The best practices to use multi-channel sources (docs, videos, grades)
  • Simple & efficient course organisation
What you may learn:

How to connect with parents with automated recap, originality reports, evaluation grid set-up

Workshop Jamboard
  • Work with Google’s interactive whiteboard
  • Keep your information online while keeping the ability to modify it later
  • Create clear and sophisticated diagrams with the intelligence of functions

Control your tools


  • Understand how to set-up a safe and seamless place that allows for focus on teaching
Workshop Classroom (part 2)
  • Overview of the benefits of interactive features of Classroom: quizzes, polls, forms & grade
  • The best practices to control accesses & customization
  • Safe, Simple & efficient entertainment teaching
Documentation & Tutorials about devices
  • Overview of the benefits of Chrome & Chromebooks for students and teachers
  • The features that reduce IT support
  • A simple & efficient FAQ cheat sheet to help your students

Create & Support communities

Build a portal for your community

Lunch & Learn

Design your own website or intranet with Google Sites

Lunch & Learn

Built your teaching channel on YouTube & Google Sites to reach students outside school frameworks

Webinars S&E

Discover the new features of Google for Education

IT Staff learning journey

Learning could take many forms.

Here some of the forms offered by S&E Cloud Experts: Transformation Labs, Google Floor Walking, Lunch & Learns, Google Guides or Project Ambassador, Google Champion Team, Training, Workshop and e-learning.

Level Basic Intermediary Advanced Expert
Admin Workspace Admin
Security awareness
Console configuration
Google Mobility
Hybrid environnement: Microsoft & Google
Control & communication
Security & collaboration
Joiner | Leaver | Mover
Google Datastudio
Train the trainer
Big Query
Google Voice


This intensive training helps Google Workspace admins manage and implement best practices in their organization. You learn how to effectively use the administrative console to manage users and access controls to services and configurations of common security settings.

Workspace Administrators workshop

Understand the benefits of using key tool features & know how to use the tools from the Workspace administrative console

Google Groups workshop

Understand the main features of Google Groups & Set up to manage Google groups correctly with the required granularity (district, school, grade, course) and the magic of dynamic groups

Security awareness training

Understand the challenges of IT Security & Detect the hacking techniques & solutions for digitally securing

Console configuration

How to set up to administrative console



Give educators more time to focus on teaching and results without compromising safety.

Tips & tricks

Enforce a screen lock, use a strong password and erase data related to the school account if it is lost or stolen


Learn more about an innovative way to collaborate using the Jamboard.


Chrome for Education takes advantage of the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS to prevent increased teacher workloads

Google Mobility

Protect your users against data theft using policies specific to your environment with advanced mobile management

Workshop Hybrid environment Microsoft & Google

Recommendations to work with both systems and migrate to google environnement.



Aims to transform school goals into concrete security configurations, policies and practices that apply to users, content, and integrations. Add a layer of security to your organization’s email routing and identity management infrastructure to ensure the highest level of communications and data access security. All this knowledge aims, among other things, to educate end users and increase operational efficiency while promoting Google Workspace and the tools offered by Google.

Control & Communication

Reports, Audit, logs in Meet, Classroom, Hangout & Chat

Security & Collaboration

Understand how to detect suspicious activity & obtain solutions to secure their account

Joiner | Leaver | Mover

how to manage new users, transit users and departures

Google Certifications

Educator Level 1 & Educator Level 2



Google Data Studio workshop

Understand how to use Google Data Studio to share and diffuse accurate information and display results and/or changes in real time.

Google Data Studio is an easily customizable, functional, and easy to use data reporting dashboard

Big Query

Understand how to use Big Query to find and export your Gmail logs and create comprehensive reports

Google Voice

Understand the benefits of integrating Google Voice for certain groups of users. For example, Google Voice will allow you to associate a phone number to prevent teachers or administrative staff from using their personal phones for business purposes

Train the trainer

Master all modules Workspace & Manage the training process lifecycle & become a recognized “Google Champion” in the organization

Families & Guardians

Parenting today involves raising the first generation of kids growing up with technology all around them — at school, at home, and in their pockets. As you chart the path that feels right for your family, we’re here to help. Managing tech is a unique challenge for every family.

Here are some common questions many families ask on Google Search and your family’s tech journey.

Check it up

S&E Cloud Experts

Google for Education made a playlist for Families & Guardians to understand the Tech toolkits.

Watch the playlist

Change management

Any change begins with willingness

We will bring you all the solutions through the Google services which will meet YOUR people’s expectations (IT staff, Teachers, faculty members, students). The purpose of S&E Cloud Experts is to give Workspace tips and tricks, to internalize the change and promote continuous innovation.

Ask us how we engage audiences into your projects

This process to promote a strong adoption of Google products is divided into 4 steps :

to generate a buzz around a Google project


to move torward with proven methods and collaboration, communication and control tools


to emphasize the benefits and go further in understanding these innovative tools


to promote innovation within teams

Start transforming your school with Chromebooks

The economic value of chromebooks in the classroom:

lower device-related costs
lower cost of operation
less staff time required

Source : IDC 2019


Calculate the economic value of Chromebooks with us

Try out the Chrome OS Readiness Tool

Did you know some Windows devices in your organization can run Chrome OS?

Find out which ones with our free and confidential readiness tool.


Download the tool

Service offering

Proven expertise to transform all aspects of your organization. Helping your business to succeed. Digital transformation isn’t easy, but it is crucial. We’re here to lend a hand, with proven key services that have helped countless organizations.

S&E Cloud Experts


Trusted advisor for Cloud solutions & services

S&E Cloud Experts


Setup, configure & migrate

S&E Cloud Experts


Trusted advisor for Cloud solutions & services

S&E Cloud Experts


Support & help-desk services. Technical team solely dedicated to Google Cloud solutions. As a certified Google Cloud partner, we provide you access to technical resources at Google.

S&E Cloud Experts

Vendor integration

Provide integrated 3rd party productivity solutions

S&E Cloud Experts

Security management

Cloud security services

S&E Cloud Experts

Integrated devices

Learning happens at school, at home, and everywhere in between.

It’s why our ongoing aim is to be helpful by providing technology and tools to support the ever-evolving needs of teachers, admins, educators and students.


Google for Education is simple for teachers, students and IT administrators. With Google, educators can save time on IT-related issues so they can focus on bringing value to the students.

Google for Education is versatile by supporting all types of institutions and learning. Because of a range in size, function, and price point, schools can find the right Chrome devices to fit their students’ needs. With a full suite of tools and a diverse range of devices, teachers and students can build collaboration, communication and creativity.


Google Chrome OS

Lots of Apps, Add-ons and SaaS tools are used throughout the operating system for your computer. Chrome OS is free. Secure even more your Web visits with Chrome Education Upgrade.

S&E Cloud Experts

More information


Chrome Education Upgrade

This upgrade empowers IT to create educational environments for teachers and learners to thrive in, with enhanced management, security, and support capabilities. IT administrators working in education face the same challenges as other industries: supporting the needs of their end users, while juggling security, scalability, and cost.

Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks the capabilities of Chrome OS so you can deliver on both. Creating the freedom for educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students, while ensuring security and management at every level.

Chrome OS Upgrades

Transform devices for standardized testing, enable SSO login, and set up automatic re-enrollment.

Device Management

Choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.

24×7 Google IT Admin Support

All this, with the added benefit of Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance. Call Google at any time if an issue comes up at no additional cost.



CloudReady is an operating system that repurposes existing PCs and Macs to deliver a Chrome OS experience on almost any device. It’s a fast, easy way for businesses and schools to increase their Chrome OS deployments even during Chromebook shortages — and it’s a great way to help speed customers’ transition to purchasing new Chrome OS devices.

When paired with Chrome Education Upgrade, CloudReady devices can be enrolled alongside your other Chrome OS devices in Google Admin console, unifying your fleet management with the same managed access, simplified deployment, and advanced security.



More than 40 devices and accessories like headsets, hard disks and drawing tablets.

S&E Cloud Experts

Find out more about Google Meet hardware



Ensure every teacher and student has what they need to thrive with secure, simple, and powerful devices that update automatically with the latest features and security.

S&E Cloud Experts

Chromebooks are tools for discovery, creativity and collaboration, both online and off. Designed for the classroom, Chromebooks are shareable, web-based devices that students can use to access the internet, apps, and extensions. Automatic updates and multi-layer security help Chromebooks continue to improve long after their initial purchase.

Want Chromebooks and Canadian bilingual support? Contact us


Benefits For students

Provide what they need to thrive

Create inclusive environments

Robust, cheap, easy-to-use and integrated automated upgrades so students can stay focus on their learnings.

  • Family Links: Students can log into apps and websites with their school account while their parent can set guidelines for device and app usage at home.
  • Improved accessibility and navigation for students with motor and dexterity challenges who use the keyboard or an external device for navigation
  • 8 years of automatic updates give devices a long lifespan that improves over time
  • Support improvements for Google Docs braille
S&E Cloud Experts

Benefits for educators and teachers

Strengthen connections with educators

Foster future skills with lesson-ready content

The Chrome Education Upgrade allows teachers to block access to distractions like social media or the internet. This means that if students should all be taking a quiz from 9:00-9:30 AM, teachers can use kiosk mode to lock the Chrome device into that one quiz for that time frame.

  • Native screen recorder in Chrome OS
  • More than 100 Apps in the Chrome Apps Hub including Kazoo
  • Large amount of integrated audio & video devices to look your best during classes
  • ChromeVox: select and search activated by voice
S&E Cloud Experts

Benefits for admin

Zero-touch enrollment, remote wipe

  • Remotely set up new devices and manage policies across an entire school or district
  • While distance learning, conduct assessments remotely and securely with locked mode or Kiosk Mode
  • 8 years of automatic updates give devices a long lifespan that improves over time
  • Equip students and teachers with tailored preferences across any device
  • Match your device to your needs, like the always-connected Chromebook with built-in LTE for those learning or teaching away from Wi-Fi
  • 500 policies in Google Admin Console
S&E Cloud Experts


Are you transitioning to a hybrid classroom? Jamboard makes the link between in-class courses & distance learning!

Spark students to learn, collaborate and engage in active new ways with the Jamboard mobile app or the 55-inch cloud-powered whiteboard

S&E Cloud Experts
S&E Cloud Experts

Simple as a whiteboard, but smarter

Jamboard is one smart display. Quickly pull in images from a Google search, save work to the cloud automatically, use the easy-to-read handwriting and shape recognition tool and draw with a stylus but erase with your finger – just like a whiteboard.

S&E Cloud Experts

Share ideas in brainstorms or lectures

Jamboard makes learning visible and accessible to all collaborators on the jam session. Plus, it’s easy to present your jams in real time through Meet, allowing for easy sharing or making real-world connections.

S&E Cloud Experts

Students can jam from anywhere

Educators can engage all students in the learning process, whether working together in a traditional classroom, a group seminar setting, or through distance learning. The Jamboard app for Android and iOS makes it easy for students and educators to join in on the creativity from their phone, tablet, or Chromebook.


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S&E Cloud Experts

Data enhancement

Google Cloud Platform for Education

Google Cloud solutions offer a wide range of solutions benefiting the field of education. Whether it’s to foster research, secure critical data or help students overcome their learning difficulties, Google Cloud has it all.

Higher Education

To support the growing demand for infrastructure, data archive management and student-specific needs, several higher education institutions are using Google Cloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) operates on the same infrastructure and the same private fiber optic network as Google. With the power and flexibility to store and analyze the most critical data, Google Cloud is the ideal research paradigm for transforming the most daring ideas into exciting discoveries.



All the required commodities in the typical datacenter are available in GCP. From running servers, databases, websites, applications, Virtual Desktops or even developing complex Machine Learning models, we have a path to bring your workloads to the Google Cloud Platform.


Data Warehousing & Visualization

Google Cloud Platform distinguishes itself with its data services. Sourcing data from managed databases products, preparing it with the data preparations services, stocking it in the most powerful Cloud-based data warehouse and finally producing detailed reports with Google Data Studio providing real insights are all things we can provide easily.

S&E Cloud Experts

Free evaluation of your future Google for Education environment

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