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Google Maps

Geospatial intelligence at the service of your company

Harness the power of geolocation

Optimize the use of your resource

Thanks to the Google Maps API, you can create highly useful applications that tap the strength of geolocation. For example, you can monitor your resources, send notifications when they arrive in targeted areas and locate devices. It is also possible to assign missions to your collaborators, take the best actions throughout the day according to their location and optimize routes. This is all managed within the Google Maps interface, which is well known by users.

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Increase user loyalty

When you develop innovative applications, you give your clients a rich experience that keeps them coming back for more. For example, you can make your maps interactive by adding your own information and allowing your customers to complete advanced searches according to different criteria, or transform your hours into dynamic maps.

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Adapt your approach

The Google Maps API offers you an advanced tool for analyzing the behaviour of internet users on your website’s maps. You can know how many visitors use Street View, the zoom level they use the most, and so on. This provides you with interesting information that allows you to better adapt your approach and offer users an enriched experience.

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