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Revolutionary solutions combined with innovative know-how: More than 5 million companies have gone Google Cloud

Whether your business is planning for its digital transformation or it’s already underway, the Google Cloud ecosystem offers all the necessary tools for effective transformation. S&E Cloud Experts supports a clientele working in all fields; construction, technology, service and retail businesses. By relying on our certified team, you secure the achievement of your strategic objectives while sustaining the future of your company.

Why use Google Cloud?

Google Cloud allows you to prioritize your IT investments in development and innovation rather than infrastructure management, server provisioning, network configuration, time-consuming application licensing management, and computer fleet maintenance.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Scalable infrastructure
    Google’s platform is the world’s most powerful, secure and, most importantly, optimized solution.
  • Powerful data and analytics services
    Innovative tools to develop exceptional applications: Big Data and machine learning.
  • Serverless and fully managed calculation
    Propel your prototype on a global scale by relying on an efficient production works schedule.
  • Low rates
    Benefit from minute pricing as well as automatic discounts when you consume services over a long period.
  • Innovative data center
    Google’s data centers and global network offer low latency, cost-effective pricing, and high availability.
  • Large scale security
    Google’s infrastructure is protected by more than 700 trusted security experts. Your company will benefit from the most stringent security standards on the market.
Google Workspace collaborative environment
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate on documents in real time
  • Communication
    Wide range of tools for your conversations and videoconferences
  • Mobility
    Freedom to work from anywhere with any device
  • Unlimited storage
    All your emails and files under the same roof
Chrome OS

The cloud native operating system Chrome OS complies with the most stringent security standards while benefiting from regular updates. In an effort to provide users with maximum flexibility, Chrome OS offers compatibility with a variety of devices.

  • Security
    Security design including multi-layered approach, artificial intelligence-based threat detection combined with secure browsing, and regular updates every six weeks.
  • Control
    Ability to set more than 200 rules in order to secure an optimal fleet management.
  • Strategic investment
    Downtime will now be a thing of the past, avoiding all the problems that come with it. Reduced costs and time associated with learning.
  • Benefits for users
    Work safely, instant access anytime, anywhere and with any device.
  • Chromebook
    Full range of Chromebooks including touch and convertible devices specifically designed for office or field work
  • Communication material
    Hangouts Meet conferencing equipment consists of a carefully selected set of elements to provide high-definition, cost-effective, easy-to-use video conferencing service.
  • Jamboard
    Google’s interactive whiteboard allows you to realize your ideas while enjoying access and connectivity to an interactive web in synergy with Google’s ecosystem.
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