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We are a team of credentialed  Google Workspace  administrators, experienced in deploying and managing this cloud solution for short to mid-sized organizations. We love talking about Google Workspace, Infrastructure modernization, Security, Data and even Business Continuity Planning.

Work Transformation

Work Safer

Benefit from a cloud-first security model that provides up-to-date protection against cyber attacks.

Discover how the Espresso Communication SMB secure sensitive data, manage spams, make sure people don’t share sensitive documents outside the company, and have a better control over data in general.

Find out how Bang Marketing provides the right resources, features and access to end-users, easily manage confidentiality acesses, gain autonomy on their infrastructure and gather their resources and data under the same tool.

Wherever people works,  with any kind of devices.

Modern Hybrid Work

Enjoy a better productivity, a seam-less collaboration & communication wherever you are.

Create, Connect better together

Better together

Create, connect, collaborate, communicate, innovate, access, control and transform the way we work.

Maître Carré‘s team can access important documents and data through a single interface. 
The team uses their smartphones, laptops and desktops to access requested files. There is no lag in receiving information and no hassle on sending it either. It is also easier for Maître Carré’s employees to work remotely with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace: an indispensable tool for the success of your SMB!

Whether you’re just starting your SMB (small-medium business) or you’ve been managing it for several years, a business remains a daily challenge and requires a lot of time and energy. Formerly known as the Google GSuite, Google Workspace contains many applications that are easy to integrate into your SMB. 

The main goal of Google Workspace is to promote better collaboration between your team members, even when they are called upon, for one reason or another, to work from home or anywhere else. Google Workspace includes a series of tools that you are familiar with, such as a personalized email for your business as well as a myriad of collaborative applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and more.

Every tool offered in Google Workspace (G Suite) is reliable, secure and fast. Your employees will be able to access it from their computer, phone or tablet, no matter where they are.

How could we start?

Fueled with our passion to help businesses succeed, we are constantly innovating new and better ways to improve user experience and automate tedious tasks. We make it easy for you to focus on what’s important: your users and their success.

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