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Nonprofit Organizations

Query the data, change the world.

No matter what your social mission is, Google Cloud provides you with all the tools you need to tackle real-life issues. Whether it is to detect Alzheimer’s disease, create sustainable dietary patterns, or help reduce unemployment, the Data Solutions for Change program will allow you to use unique resources to carry out your mission.

  • Empower your mission
    Analyze data globally with BigQuery, GCP’s fully managed data warehouse. Create real-time solutions that enable you to react instantly to events with products like Cloud Dataflow.
  • Automate your work
    Use artificial intelligence to create smarter, more efficient applications. If you’re looking for an instant translation or image classification tool, Google Cloud Machine Learning lets you use pre-trained templates or train your own template.
  • Share your vision
    Go from BigQuery analysis to data visualization in seconds. Present your data as fully customizable reports and dashboards that are easy to read and share with Google Data Studio.
  • Google Workspace collaborative environment
    Enjoy all the benefits of the Workspace ecosystem. Workspace licenses for non-profit organizations are free.
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