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Public sector

Google Cloud provides public entities with all the necessary resources to ensure effective governance; from critical data security management to the service to citizens and the continuation of the mission.

Google’s powerful, ultra-secure technology allow public entities to improve service to their customers, increase operational efficiency, and benefit from innovative and sustainable solutions.

  • Storage and calculation
    Google’s infrastructure is designed to ensure the highest standards of security and reliability. Powering more than 25 percent of global Internet traffic, this infrastructure is the best environment to store your data and leverage analytics without compromising on speed or security.
  • Secure collaboration
    The Google Workspace collaboration ecosystem represents a wide range of collaboration tools across all workgroups. The cloud architecture makes it easy to share information in real time without compromising data security.
  • Innovation in applications
    Google’s APIs allow user-friendly interoperability, helping to develop tailored applications.
  • Data analysis
    Deliver evidence and relevant metrics with BigQuery, Looker and Google Data Studio. Large-scale data processing is now fast and accessible.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning by automating redundant tasks

Standards, regulations and certifications

Google regularly submits its products to independent security, privacy, and compliance controls to obtain certifications that meet applicable international standards.

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