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Collaboration for Education: More than 60 Million Students and Teachers Use Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud solutions offer a wide range of solutions benefiting the field of education. Whether it’s to foster research, secure critical data or help students overcome their learning difficulties, Google Cloud have it all.

Higher Education

In order to support the growing demand for infrastructure, data archive management, and student-specific needs, several higher education institutions are using Google Cloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) operates on the same infrastructure and the same private fiber optic network as Google. With the power and flexibility to store and analyze the most critical data, Google Cloud is the ideal research paradigm for transforming the most daring ideas into exciting discoveries.

Primary and Secondary education

Google Workspace for Education is transforming traditional teaching and learning methods to foster synergy between faculty and students. Collaborative tools, to name only Docs, Sheets and Drive, allow collaboration in real time. Google Classroom allows teachers to save time while managing assignments, exams, and communications with their students.

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