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The common culture of a company emerges from those who are part of it. And also from the choice of tools they use.

The Digital Workspace is one of the important tools in medium or large company. Digital work spaces is a notch above intranet. A platform that allows communication to and from employees as well as collaborative communication between all teams.

By encouraging communication between teams and their manager, a structured DW increases fluidity of idea’s exchange within your organization. From these exchanges come innovation and optimization.

A social intranet promotes sharing of ideas among employees at all levels. It is a tool that guarantees everyone the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas. You could take advantage of everyone’s ideas.

We recommend the leader in intranet and digital workspace platforms: Lum Apps.

Flexibility performance

This digital workspace solution is fully configurable by your company administrators. The configuration options are grouped by type of content, by person, by groups. The visual adapts to complement your graphic charter.

The power of Google and LumApps

LumApps is recommended by Google and integrates natively with Google Workspace. This solution also offers integration with Google Search Cloud.
In addition, LumApps integrates with Google Analytics. Using this information, you can determine areas for improvement to optimize your processes – both internally and externally.

Benefits for the whole organization

Companies that have embraced a digital workspace have experienced a 25% lower turnover rate, which means talented employees are more likely to stay with the company which offers collaboration and communication opportunities supported by efficient tools. These opportunities to collaborate and communicate with the whole organization allow employees to freely express their opinions and feel valued, and therefore promote employee happiness and engagement rate.

A more visible and felt commitment will necessarily have a positive impact on your customer experience!


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