Mobile device management for G Suite administrator

Reset passwords for and lock company-owned Android devices


G Suite admins in domains with Google Mobile Management enabled can already take actions to protect the data on their users’ mobile devices.


For example, they can require devices to have screen locks and wipe devices when they’re lost or stolen. With this launch, we’re giving admins additional capabilities—they can now remotely reset the password on a company-owned Android device or lock the device entirely.



Google MDM



Reset device password


As an administrator, you can already reset the Google Accounts password of your users.

Now you can even change the phone password of one of your users if he forgot it.

This new feature will save you a lot of headaches.






Lock device


If a user loses their device, you may want to lock it until it’s found. This will force users to enter the device’s password before using it.


MDM verrouillage



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