Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Bringing art to a wider audience

With more than a million visitors every year, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is doing its part to bring great art to as many people as possible. In addition to displaying art of all kinds, the museum has a firm commitment to using technology to bring art online and runs a packed events schedule. When its email and calendar management system started to cause outages and day to day performance suffered, the museum turned to G Suite | Workspace for a solution.


Every day there’s some kind of event. If it’s not renting a space, it’s an exposition, if it’s not an exposition it’s something else. When the system goes down, no tickets are being printed, nobody can see their agenda, everything has to be done by hand.

Cloud-based stability, multi-platform flexibility

As Canada’s busiest art museum, MMFA requires a well-oiled machine to keep things running smoothly. Email and calendar management are key collaborative tools for its staff of around 300. By the start of 2017, the museum’s existing collaborative productivity solution was straining under the pressure, suffering frequent outages and disrupting the events schedule. To make things worse, there were very few specialists who could repair that particular system so the museum would often have to extend downtime until the right engineer could be found.

In March 2017, MMFA turned to Canada’s only French-speaking Google Partner, S&E Cloud Experts, to implement a new productivity system. Together, they chose G Suite for its ease of use and cost effectiveness. With Google Calendar, MMFA’s staff were able to quickly and easily assign dates, check event schedules and keep track of room availability with one simple interface. The museum’s employees found the transition to Gmail straightforward, thanks to its clear design principles and small, handy features such as auto-saving drafts. After some initial training from S&E Cloud Experts, the museum identified the keenest G Suite users to help out and train the rest of the 300 or so employees.


Workspace| G Suite is a solution where you can use any platform. Other systems don’t allow that so people on Macs aren’t used to the same things as colleagues on Windows or Android or whatever. Google is one of the only ones able to do all platforms with the same capacity.

No downtime, no hassle

Since the migration in March, MMFA has not seen a single outage on G Suite, ensuring a smooth and successful summer of events. With G Suite’s multi-platform capabilities, museum staff were able to access emails and calendar appointments any time on any device. By transferring its email system to G Suite| workspace , the museum’s I.T. department was able to significantly save on infrastructure costs and network resources without compromising on speed. MMFA is now looking at the cloud storage solutions offered by Google Drive to lighten its load even further and help make Canada’s busiest art museum even busier.

There’s been no downtime with G Suite. You remove the stress of the internal infrastructure, You remove all the stress for the IT department, for the network manager,  shutting down servers, explaining downtime to the business. You live with a lot less stress every day because you’re confident it won’t go down. You hand all that to Google, and they deal with it so you don’t have to.

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