New adaptive meeting layouts in Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is launching adaptive layouts that automatically adjust to give you the best view of the people and presentations in your meeting:



The spotlight layout keeps the focus on the presentation or a single speaker. It’s used when you’re in a meeting with just one other participant, when you pin someone, and when there’s a presentation but no active speakers with video on.







The tiled layout shows up to four participants on the screen to make your meetings feel more inclusive. This will be the default for smaller meetings when there is no presentation.






Side by side 

The side by side layout shows up to three speakers in a larger format next to the presentation. This allows you to continue to see the presenter as they speak. This is the default when there’s a presentation and there are active speakers with video on.



side by side




The sidebar layout improves on the existing Meet layout by showing several additional participants in the same vertical space and using rectangular feeds to avoid participants on the edge being cropped out. This will be the default for larger meetings when there is no presentation.






In addition to seeing these layouts automatically used depending on the meeting needs, users can select a preferred layout from the Change layout dialog. These new layouts provide the user with a more inclusive and collaborative view of the meeting, allowing for easier interaction with remote participants while still maintaining focus on the content being presented.


The new layouts are available on Hangouts Meet web clients and Hangouts Meet hardware. The new layout will be available for all G Suite edition and the roll-out will will be done progressively in the next weeks. No action are required from the administrator, new layouts will be displayed by default.


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