As one of the major Google Cloud partner in Quebec, we accompany companies in their thoughts related to computer security, this theme has always been at the heart of our concerns.

The new hacker techniques are becoming more sophisticated to infect your computer systems, it is more than necessary to be vigilant. That’s why IT security management at Google Cloud has changed dramatically, and this is one of the main reasons why Google is investing heavily and continuously to protect your data.

As an example, the latest news about the security center are included in the collaborative suite G suite Enterprise. Thanks to its solution, you will be able to:
– Find in one place, a security dashboard for your administrators to monitor suspicious activity (spam, malware behavior …).
– Get ahead to guard against threats internally or externally, through in-depth analysis within the environment including business data leakage.
– Benefit from personalized Google advice based on the behavior of your users and your settings, to ensure the integrity and security of your data.

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