Advisory & IT Management

A qualified team attentive to your needs

All of our engineers have extensive knowledge and a vast amount of experience in managing complex and critical IT environments. We listen closely to your needs to analyze your context and provide you with quality guidance to help you develop or rework your IT strategy.

Our Mission

The field of computing is rapidly developing and is driving today’s world of technology. Solutions are multiplying, applications are innumerable and the possibilities available are limitless. Herein lies the current challenge for organizations: how do you find your way in this unbounded universe? How can you stay up-to-date and avoid investing in the wrong solutions? How do you distinguish between what you actually need and what you don’t? How do you determine the best tools that are appropriate for your specific context in order to better accomplish your tasks and tackle your current challenges?

SE Cloud Experts can answer your questions. Relying on our experience in IT strategy consulting and Cloud solutions, our mission is to provide support to companies of all sizes and in all sectors. We aim to find, implement and improve upon the solutions that are best adapted to your context.

Our Values

At SE Cloud Experts, our fundamental values are simplicity, efficiency, passion and integrity. This is what our team draws on to always provide our clients with quality, effective and well-adapted solutions. Find out more about our philosophy.

Engineering consulting

IT strategy consulting services

  • Global IT Strategy
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Productivity & Collaboration
  • Business Applications

It is clear that today’s most successful companies place information technology at the core of their strategy. But in their ever-changing context where options abound, it is paradoxically rare that many companies rarely establish a comprehensive IT strategy or are forced to delay the process due to their rapid growth and the challenges that development poses for organizations. Don’t fall into their trap ─ allow yourself to see things more clearly by relying on advice from our experts.

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Depth analysis of the use of information technology within your company

  • Infrastructure
  • Business processes & workflow
  • Risk

Working with tools, as good as they may be, is no longer enough. To increase productivity and stimulate growth, it is now essential to depend on two essential pillars: analysis and strategy. Firstly, an in-depth analysis of your company’s operations gives you a better understanding both of your organization of work and your customer experience. This strategy also allows you to optimize your workflow and the customer experience. This is done not only through a search for the best tools, but also their integration into a logical and consistent workflow. Processes must be fluid, your employees’ tasks must be clear and pleasant, and automation must be well thought-out and balanced. SE Cloud Experts helps you better identify your needs, understand the possible solutions and develop a comprehensive strategy.

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Master Plan

An essential tool to help you make the right decisions:

  • Identify your needs
  • Understand the possible solutions
  • Develop a clear architectural plan
  • Draw your roadmap using a coherent master plan
  • Plan your investments
  • Avoid losing time and money related to the wrong or poorly implemented solutions
  • Optimize your return on investment

Based on a thorough analysis, a master plan is the best way to extricate yourself from an empirically-based approach and to get a clear idea of the logical steps to take in order to respond to your identified needs and attain your objectives. By relying on this plan, you are investing in your future and giving your resources the tools they need to work better. This allows you to save time and energy in order to focus on the essential: your work.

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Hardware Supplies

Carefully considered solutions to optimize your operations and bring your budget under control

  • Infrastructure : servers, data centers, backup
  • Office solutions
  • Mobile devices
  • Telecommunications Equipment & Networking

SE Cloud Experts helps you identify the best strategy to work efficiently while avoiding investing in improper equipment. Our services allow you to determine the equipment solutions that suit your needs, context and projects.

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IT Management Services

A competent, effective and responsive team

  • End-to-end management solutions
  • Management of IT procurement
  • Support for existing IT systems:
  • databases, servers and backup solutions
  • telecommunications/networking equipment
  • telephony systems

More and more, companies are contracting out IT management. This offers many advantages such as: reductions in hiring needs and HR management; a controlled budget; increased availability when services are managed internally; support from a large team of professionals and experts; a reassuring Service Level Agreement; and continuous advisory services. It is an efficient way to guarantee IT functionality and performance within a company, all while allowing the organization to recenter the development of its internal skills on its own specialization.

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A complete and professional service

SE Cloud Experts provides support for all solutions implemented. We give you our complete attention to ensure that the solutions deployed are fully functional. Every company is important to us, as well as all of the individuals of which it is comprised. We are always available to provide all of the necessary support and guidance so that each person can use the solutions that we have implemented at all times.

Reactivity, adapted responses, efficiency
We place great importance on providing quality support to companies and users. We ensure our clients that we are respecting the Service Level Agreement. Our support centre allows us to efficiently centralize requests and make the best resources available to you at all times to provide answers to your requests.

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