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Professional advice to make the right choice

Whether you need to find a solution that is specific to your needs or redevelop your strategy to streamline your company’s workflow, SE Cloud Experts provides guidance, and helps you define your needs and plan your projects.

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Our Goals

Business applications number in the thousands, and it is impossible to know or try them all. Development occurs at a frantic pace, and interesting tools and functionalities are regularly coming out. Some businesses also sometimes decide to develop their own.

In this context, our objective is clear: obtain a comprehensive vision of your context to shed light on the best strategy and solutions for your business, and help you implement them.

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High performance tools for optimal management of customer relationships

Today, using a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application is essential. It is the ideal way to centralize information, coordinate teams and obtain quick and correct answers. It is a tool that allows you to utilize all of the data collected to facilitate management and better identify actions to take in order to offer customers a better service experience. When the correct software has been selected and implemented in the right conditions, it is a solution that provides an excellent return on investment.

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Salesforce Automation

To always be where your customers expect you

Whether you want to improve responsiveness, prioritization or distribution, automated tools for the sales process improve the use of resources dedicated to sales in order to better respond to demands. This save you a significant amount of time in organizing the steps to take, which directly impacts the quality of the response you provide to your customers and improves your conversion rate.

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Marketing Automation

Providing the best support to a larger number of clients

To provide a quality experience to consumers, automated marketing solutions allow for the launching and roll-out of campaigns without requiring first-line human intervention. Significant time savings for largely superior results than if managed individually. The parameterization of response scenarios adapted to different contexts allow you to take targeted and reactive actions to meet customers where they are with the most efficient tools.

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Customer Service Automation

Solutions to provide the best possible service to your customers

Companies are starting to see the light. Many companies are starting to make a place for themselves on the market, but not all of them ensure that they are providing quality service in the same way. Current information technologies offer new possibilities to tackle the universal and fundamental challenge of satisfying customers.

Whether you need to ensure support to your customers ─ wherever they are ─ raise the bar by implementing a telephone assistance service, make your interventions more effective through the creation and effective resolution of tickets, create a brand community where your customers can communicate with each other or find a way to know the status of your customer service at all times ─ a large number of solutions exist.

Our team will help you choose the most effective tools that will make your employees’ work easier while offering a clear dashboard to provide high quality customer service.

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Cloud Integration

The keystone of unified solutions

There are quite a number of tools offering effective functionalities. However, one of the current issues is to know how to make them efficient and consistent. Being able to collect all relevant information in order to redirect it without duplicating work is the first logical step. But, the key to success resides in the ability to take full advantage of the potential of this data by unifying it through an expected workflow. This is the entire purpose of Cloud integration.

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Mobile Solutions

A professional way to work as you wish

Today, the need for mobility is no longer a question. It is a way of life that is becoming universal, in our daily lives as well as in the workplace. Since employees now wish to integrate work into their lifestyle by having access to information at all times and in any location, companies are more than ever confronted with the challenge of managing mobile solutions. Rather than restrict use, current Cloud solutions, on the contrary, allow you to provide a pleasurable experience while preserving data security.

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Digital Signage

Modern solutions for a dynamic signage

Digital signage is a solution that allows you to distribute information on a screen or a wall of screens. This type of distribution can be used for information for the public or customers (waiting rooms, terminuses, train stations, hotels) as a way to communicate sales messages (shopping centres, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, store windows, display cases) or to provide visual support in various places (museums, art galleries, etc.). This type of signage is also used in companies as an internal means of communication to provide employees with instant and consistent information. Since it provides a large amount of flexibility for use, high profitability and a rich audiovisual experience, these solutions are gradually replacing traditional visual supports.

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Geospatial Intelligence

Powerful solutions to put geospatial information at the service of your company

Whether you want to give life to location information to your clients, make the experience more exciting, visual and interactive, better coordinate your company’s activities through sharing and accessing geospatial information, optimize your human and material resources and make decisions faster with innovative applications, or increase user loyalty to an application, you can now rely on high-performing technologies right at your fingertips.

We help you find the best tools and determine the optimal strategy to implement them within your company.

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Advanced solutions for auditing, archiving and compliance needs

E-Discovery is a process that allows you to search and find information in digital format. Whether you need to meet legal requirements or compliance rules, or for investigative purposes, we help you find the most high performing tools to implement.

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Backup Solutions

Insightful tools for data safekeeping

For several years now, the appearance of Cloud solutions has simplified data access and management. Data is stored on external machines, which makes it accessible at any time, regardless of where you are. However, this does not completely eliminate the need to save data locally. Depending on the context, implementing storage solutions remains important, necessary and essential.

Our objective at SE Cloud Experts is to help you define the risks and needs specific to your own context, and to then guide you in identifying and implementing solutions adapted to your architecture, tools, context and requirements.

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Solutions for data accessibility and security

Traditionally, data is stored on network servers, internal or external hard disks, and sometimes even on USB drives. Despite the functions implemented by qualified professionals to encourage best practices, it is all too common to see duplications of documents in workflows. Work document, final document, most recent version? Sending documents by email, transferring information via a USB drive, saving data at workstations…confusion reigns and slows down work in addition to being a source of irritation.

Discover how the most appropriate solutions can change the way your company works on a daily basis.

We support you in implementing efficient solutions providing secure data storage, all while making everyone’s work easier. You will immediately see the benefits and advantages of using the most effective modern solutions.

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