Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Our engineering-consulting team relies on an in-depth analysis of your needs to provide you with customized services that will allow you to fully benefit from Cloud technologies and take your company to an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Cloud technologies adapt perfectly to the ever-changing realities of companies and their needs. They can be broken down into three categories: Infrastructure (IaaS), Platforms (PaaS) and Applications (SaaS).


Enriched collaboration

Collaboration is an issue for the majority of companies and is often the reason for adopting Cloud computing. Today, high performing Cloud solutions are available that greatly simplify collaborative work.

With these solutions, information and documents are no longer directly stored on devices, which allows multiple individuals to access the information and collaborate efficiently. This reduces the number of documents, versions, emails and attachments, and clearly makes daily work more pleasant for all. It is the best way to reduce complexity within an organization and its tasks, and stimulate productivity.


High-level security and simpler management of your data

First, it is important to remember that Cloud solutions reduce the risks associated with the loss or theft of laptop computers, external hard drives and USB drives. This may seem like a minor risk but, on the contrary, studies show that it is one of the primary causes of data loss and security breaches. Since using Cloud solutions means that your data is no longer stored on devices, the loss or theft of devices greatly reduce the impact on your organization.

In addition, Cloud solutions give you control over your data through a centralized dashboard. Since data is no longer dispersed over your employees’ devices, Cloud solutions simplify the administration, management and storage of data. This represents an important gain in control and security.

Some solutions also offer bi-level authorization rules and highly effective access protocols. This increases protection by addition a renewable access code to passwords, sent only to the authorized person.


High mobility

In the past, programs and applications were essentially solutions that operated on a computer or physical server on the company’s premises. Today, Cloud solutions define IT design.

With Cloud solutions, work is no longer directly linked to the devices used. In some ways, it is dematerialized. Applications can be used via the internet from anywhere and anyone can work on any device. This opens up many possibilities and greatly simplifies work. These solutions are generally used to spread operations over multiple mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This is what makes mobility so powerful and flexible.

In addition, based on the fact that many applications no longer function on devices but, rather, on high performing computers that you access via the internet, there is a reduced need for computational power on computers. In effect, this has a positive impact on your company’s budget.


Unparalleled flexibility

By their very nature, Cloud solutions are generally offered in the form of on-demand services. This way of operating, comparable to the method adopted by your water service or electricity supplier, allows you to pay only for what you consume. But there’s more. This also allows you to quickly react and adapt to reductions or increases in your needs without having to spend more (CAPEX).

Cloud solutions are quick to implement, and have minimal startup costs with predictable operating costs (OPEX). Due to their simplicity and flexibility, you immediately benefit from powerful technologies used by large, multinational companies without having to invest a fortune and spend large amount of money on the internal management that usually goes along with it. It is therefore a model that stimulates your company’s growth and optimizes its operations.


Up-to-date solutions

As most Cloud solutions come in the form of on-demand services, you benefit from updates instantly. No interventions at workstations, no interruptions in service ─ everything takes place at the supplier’s location.

As a result, these solutions are always up-to-date when the time comes to use them and there is no need to worry about the rest. This also reduces maintenance fees and support needs within the company. When an internal IT department already exist, this increases the availability of IT personnel to contribute even more to the development and completion of your company’s promising projects.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions allow companies to benefit from strong computational power supporting an infinite number of operational needs. Without requiring investments in equipment, this offers the possibility to meet all of your data storage needs. Combined with Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, IAAS offers companies the ideal opportunity to securely host customized applications to better meet their needs.

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PaaS solutions provide a development platform so that developers can create applications distributed over the internet. Similar to the functioning of public services such as electricity or water, PaaS allows you to take advantage of the technology while only paying for what you use. This offers increased possibilities to companies who can now provide advanced services without having to absorb heavy costs or internally manage overly complex IT infrastructures.

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As the name indicates, Software as a Service is offered in the form of subscriptions to company applications that are securely hosted in external data centres. SaaS solutions respond to a company’s diverse functions and service needs while freeing the company from the need for updates, security upgrades and maintenance fees that are normally associated with the use of software applications at workstations. By making administration quick, simple, efficient and affordable, SaaS solutions allow IT departments to dedicate their skills and time to implementing projects, provide more support to teams and increase the company’s value.

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