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Servers outage? Don’t worry, Google Cloud has your back

S&E Client Flinks

About Flinks

This Fintech start-up delivers tools for financial innovation for businesses. They developed a data aggregator platform dedicated to facilitating their end goal of open banking. In just 3 years, they became the leader in financial data connectivity and enrichment.

The Challenge

Maintain infrastructure reliability, robustness, scalability and flexibility to quickly deal with traffic fluctuations. For example, in 2021, with r/WallStreetBets and the meme stock emergence, a huge number of small investors provoked a traffic surge on online brokerage sites (+35% overall, up to 600% in 24h for one of Flinks’ client).

wallstreetbets reddit

The Solution

Thanks to Google Kubernetes Engine, it is very easy to upgrade to the next level of infrastructure to absorb the additional traffic.

Scaling decisions are made based on business rules without human intervention. In this exceptional and unexpected case for traffic peaks, the manual intervention to approve the scale-up of the infrastructure took only a few seconds.

The Results

Flinks’ customers were pleased that Flinks continued to operate normally despite the massive influx of traffic.

The number of nodes in the GKE Clusters tripled in a few seconds.

While ensuring the stability, efficiency and the robustness of the infrastructures, the return on investment is maintained as the costs are based on the real traffic and the margins are linear.

We continue to work with Google Cloud Platform because it is the best service we can find in this niche. The ease of deployment, the cost, the ROI are really very good. We were able to increase traffic by 20x compared to 2017 and improve our margins with our increasing volumes.
S&E Client Flinks
Simon-Pierre Lebel
Vice-President of IT Operations & Security

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