Email & Collaboration

High added-value solutions

Among Cloud solutions, collaboration applications are among the best in terms of growth potential available to companies. It is a choice that is central to their functioning and adaptability.

Facing these demands, being part of different projects, adapting to deadlines, working with different supports, sharing documents, collaborating with colleagues – these are the tasks that are at the heart of the working world. It is therefore legitimate to look for ways to simplify operations to make collaborative work within a company effective, fluid and problem-free.

Discover Workspace : Google Apps for Work Solutions

Workspace /The Google Apps for Work solutions are a full set of applications focused on collaboration within a company. Whether between colleagues, with partners or even with customers, these solutions make communication and information-sharing easier while offering a secure and professional framework. This represents a major asset in workflow and stimulates productivity.

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Email and Calendar

Well-designed, practical tools

We provide support during the implementation of the most effective solutions to make your daily use of email and agendas simpler and more practical.

In recent years, email has changed how companies function by modifying communication and the circulation of information. Desktop agendas are also creating great changes in the way work is organized by integrating sharing options. Many solutions exist, but they are not all equal.

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Chat and Video calls

Simplicity stimulating communication

Work is accomplished first and foremost by people and for people. Luckily. And daily exchanges must remain fulfilling and rich. But, whether near or far, distance can sometimes complicate communication. In a large part, chat and video calls meet this current challenge. There is now an interest in integrating them into workflows.

Through online chats, collaborators are able to have spontaneous exchanges and quickly share information.

Video calls help build relationships and preserve the quality of communication by offering visual contact and oral discussions.

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Video Conference

Quality solutions to enlarge your experience

Video conferencing reduces the barriers imposed by distance through quality video contact Whether in the form of a fixed installation in a conference room or in room temporarily dedicated for this purpose, video conferencing enriches exchanges with collaborators wherever they are.

Many solutions exist on the market and they each offer different features. We will support you in implementing solutions that are both effective and easy to use, all while avoiding making unjustified expenditures.

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Effective tools that give results

By relying on our analysis of your needs, we help you establish solutions to improve your workflow and increase efficiency.

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File Server

A secure environment for sharing

Every company needs to create, classify, share and have permanent access to documents. However, with traditional IT solutions, this very simple need often brings about useless complexity. Today, there are Cloud solutions that simplify this task and make your work easier.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Solutions at the core of your work

More than just independent tools equipped with their own way of functioning, the Cloud collaboration platform is a set of integrated means that finally gives credit to office technology. In addition, the Cloud offers an unprecedented level of collaboration and efficiency in the working world. Providing high performance solutions, sharing capabilities, and security and authorization rules, Cloud solutions are now a major strategic asset for a company.

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