The Total Economic Impact of Google Chrome OS with G Suite

In the digital transformation process, business leaders often question the true benefits of enterprise cloud solutions and their impact on overall productivity and business growth. G Suite, Google’s integrated collaboration and productivity suite, is a leading choice for organizations that want to modernize and face the new challenges of their markets.

To determine the transformational value and economic impact of G Suite, Forrester Research conducted a comprehensive study to obtain the kind of measurable results businesses need to make informed decisions throughout their digital transformation process. Forrester used its proven methodology of total economic impact to assess the financial impact, business value, and ROI of the G Suite implementation. The results, based on triennial risk-adjusted results, are revealing for organizations seeking innovative and transformative solutions.

The report was produced with concrete examples, highlighting the real benefits including:

  • Revenue growth
  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency and productivity of IT teams
  • Significant return on investment
Link to full report
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