Conference services (video, audio, telephone) are now unavoidable in companies for the simple reason that work with dispersed teams has developed.


To meet, share, exchange, remotely has become a standard within organizations.


So what is Hangout Meet? This is the video and audio conferencing tool that is part of the Google Cloudcalled suiteG Suite. This application is extremely simple to use (3 clicks to create a virtual conference room and only 2 to join it).







After this brief introduction that may seem obvious, you wonder where do we want to go? Well, Google has decided to innovate (Again!) By opening the Hangout Meet compatibility, via an interconnect solution named Pexip, with other traditional video conferencing such as Polycom, Cisco or Skype for Business.


In a few weeks, you will have the chance to save time in setting up Meet your video conferences and to end the connection problems for compatibility reasons. External people will be able to connect from their tools (listed above) in a Hangout Meet.  


What you need to know about Hangout Meet

  • Call toll-free to all Canadian and US numbers via Meet.
  • A video link is included in Google Calendar events so your employees can join meetings without being in the office.
  • In addition, a local phone number is attached to your calendar events to join the conference from a cell phone.
  • Soon you will be able to reserve resources (meeting rooms, equipment) located in Microsoft Exchange from Google Calendar. You can also join GoToMeeting, RingCentral, LogMein, Arkadin and Vonage through Google Calendar.
  • Hangout Meet is a solution installed in the Chromebox for Meetingsvideo conferencing system by Google Cloud, saving time by avoiding travel expenses for your teams and creating multi-user friendly virtual meetings.


You now have all the “cards in your hands” to choose your next Meet video and audio conferencing solution.


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