Less operations, less complex, less cost

Every enterprise is striving to adopt a cloud-first strategy, but making that happen is easier said than done. Google Cloud VMware Engine simplifies the challenges of moving and modernizing critical workloads to the cloud, letting you seamlessly migrate your VMware workloads from on-premises data centers directly into Google Cloud.

Features to help make networking simpler and improve security management:

  • Improved networking support
  • Improved scalability and support for the VMware platform
  • Improved reach: regional presence in Montreal

Availability in Canada 

We are excited to announce the availability of VMware Engine in our Montréal data centers to support diverse users across the North America. Customers who already use VMware can migrate to Google Cloud easily without the need for transformation in their local regions. Among the benefits for enterprises are the ability to manage data and applications in-country and to pay for services in local currency. VMware Engine is now supported in ten regions.

Multi-region Networking

Global deployment scenarios become very straightforward: when you create a private cloud in any of the regions supported worldwide, you get instant, direct Layer 3 access between them without having to configure any special connectivity.

Multiple VPC connectivity

The service now supports “many-to-many” access from VPC networks to VMware Engine networks, allowing you to retain existing architectures deployed and extend them flexibly to your VMware environments.

Cloud DNS integration 

We’ve enabled the use of Cloud DNS with VMware Engine. This feature allows you to resolve the domain names of management components of multiple private clouds (in the same or different regions) in your Google Cloud project. This tremendously simplifies your deployment globally with a single DNS management point.

Flexible networking architectures

VMware Engine now supports the use of custom/reserved-block addresses for workload or management networks, and RFC 6598 address ranges for use on management networks. This gets you the compatibility and design flexibility you need for some scenarios, minimizing the changes required for your move to the cloud.

Larger Clusters

VMware Engine now supports large clusters—up to 32 hosts per cluster. You can now scale as large as your applications need. 

HCX cloud-to-cloud migration

With HCX cloud-cloud migration, you can now migrate your VMs between two VMware Engine private clouds. And with Global Routing, it’s fast and easy to move across geographies without having to set up complex tunnels. It is now easier to update your deployment plan and cloud architecture even after you have completed your cloud migrations.

Enhanced password management

VMware Engine now supports default password management of VMware services and allows resetting of passwords. Random, secure passwords are generated by default.

Ans so much more …

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