Welcoming and managing new employees with G Suite

One of the great constants of the professional world is represented by the movement of employees within the organization (arrivals, departures, lateral movements, etc.). For a new employee it can be difficult to navigate in a new IT environment. It is now possible at the human resource level to organize documentation to facilitate access and simplify the resource management process. Here is an example of organization of information:


HR administrators create a checklist in Google Sheets to track documents needed by new associates (manuals, non-disclosure agreements, contracts, etc.), which are stored in a main folder in Drive. If a document needs to be signed, they scan it through the Drive mobile app and add the scanned copy to the main folder. In addition, your administrator will be able to add the list of documents to the professional favorites of the whole company or of a particular department.



The main benefits?


  • Easily create and manage a list of documents in Sheets.
  • The main file ensures that only the most up-to-date recruitment documents are used.
  • The Human Resources team can easily access all documents.


In order to develop your own document management process for the management of your human resources, do not hesitate to call on our team! It will be our pleasure to can accompany you and share best practices.


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